Taylor and Brittani Hunsucker

Last Saturday, these two wed at Juniper Bay Baptist Church. There were babies, tons of smiles, only a few tears, and there was love. Brittani was the most laid back bride I think I have ever worked with.

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Brittani's "something old" was her late aunt's wedding band. I know Aunt Kathy would be very pleased in this act of love. It was a a tender moment when Kendra asked her to wear the ring.

The Bridal Party and twins...

Taylor and his groomsmen...

The "I do's"

The ceremony was short and sweet, per the groom's wishes.  I think it is very sweet that Taylor's dad married he and Brittani. Just before the two kissed as newlyweds, you could see excitement all over Brittani's face! The girls seemed to be as equally excited!

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