aj + jenna

These two lovebirds made my first wedding of the year quite a memorable event. They were fun, happy, and in love. The outpour of love from family and friends couldn't have gotten any stronger and it's what helped make this night one to remember. I wish you both the best of love and happiness. I will pray for God to bless your marriage and keep that love strong  until your last breath. Thank you so much for allowing me to tag along on the best day of your life. 



Awesome vendors that made this day happen are:

-The Ya Ya's- you know who you are....you spent countless hours of decorating and keeping company

-Family Sweets of Hemingway

-Big D's BBQ of Hemingway

-Backwood Blossoms (florals)

-Jody Cribb (Hemingway) cake and cupcakes

-Embroidery  by Design -vinyl signs

-Terry Owens (Country Boy's Cooking and Catering)

-Deli North Main of Hemingway (chocolate strawberries)

-Sharon Dorsey -food distribution

-Photo Booth: Tiemon's Photo Booth (Hemingway)

-Sonya Marsh for directing and decorating  

-Christy Marsh: wedding music

-Spencer Owens and Hannah McLean-vocalists

-Shear Grace Family Salon (Hair)

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