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about me

Me. Well, I'm just me.

I'm a full time school teacher that has a hobby that has grown into something beyond imaginable. I love God, my family, and being able to capture moments through images.

Of course, for my weddings and sessions I keep a mental list of what shots to get, but I LOVE to create imagery that captures the spirit of each individual session. I truly believe it is impossible to capture the uniqueness of your family/children/wedding when we are bound to the reenactment of other people's sessions. I like keeping it real. I may guide you into a certain mode and then capture the interaction between you as the story unfolds. This, to me, is the best way to capture subjects and tell their true story. 

Want me to tell your story? Contact me today for a session. 843-855-9600 or levihd@sccoast.net

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